Tecnomac specializes in the manufacture of innovative equipment for drilling, milling, turning and NC, with different piece clamping systems (mechanical, pneumatic, air-hydraulic, hydraulic).
Each project, be it for use on CNC machines or for conventional machines, is analyzed and developed in collaboration with the customer, in order to meet his operational requirements.
If necessary, multiple tools (cartridge type, with adjustable carbide inserts) can be combined with the related equipment in order to perform reaming with different diameters and bevels.

The products manufactured by Tecnomac are either unique pieces or microseries, and are studied in order to:

  • Reduce processing time
  • Carry out machining with the utmost precision - checking quotas, if necessary, with appropriate monitoring tools
  • Ensure maximum safety for the operator and the environment
  • Making the work of the operator easier and more comfortable

Some examples of machinery manufactured by Tecnomac, varying substantially both for field of application and technology:

  • Milling machines for drilling or small millings on CNC pre-machined parts
  • Transfers capable of subsequent and combined machining
  • Milling machines for the machining of different types of rotors for electric motors
  • Milling machines for the machining of cuts for ER tweezers
  • Equipment for grinding the cuts of ER tweezeers
  • Machines for boring of gun barrels
  • Machines for the sintering of cutting tools (chain type) for marble
  • Multiple drilling machine for cylinders
  • Assembly lines of rollers for excavators
  • Guidelines for control and automatic loading of the boards for laminated wood
  • Boring machines for drilling simultaneously two opposing bearing seats in a rotor
  • Machines for wiper groups