Tecnomac has developed a series of carrier-robots for non-destructive testing of steel sheet.

A patented magnetic system allows our carriers to be anchored, motorized and remote controlled sliding on of both vertical and round surfaces, at an angle well over 180° (OVERHEAD).

Each welding requires proper verification and certified testing. Tests are made via ultrasound probes in the case of pipelines (which can reach 2 m in diameter), the scanning operation is cumbersome and laborious, and in the case of pressure vessels (which can reach diameters of 8-10 m and lengths above 50 m) it is also dangerous and expensive.
Tecnomac's "SPIDER" probes carrier-robots create an induced magnetic field capable of ensuring the carrier/structure magnetic adhesion in any condition (horizontal, vertical and overhead), undisturbed by the fluid used to ensure a good adhesion of the probes. This allows a perfect positioning of the probes, keeping them in good contact, moving them along the weld to perform the most accurate scan.
The induced magnetic field does not adversely affect the handling of the carrier robot, which is powered by an engine running at low voltage (12V).

Each SPIDER probe carrier can be developed according to specific needs of the customer and can be customized according to his instructions. A variety of different versions is however already available, in order to carry out most testing operations such inspections of pipelines for gas or oil, forced cooling pipes for nuclear power plants, district heating pipes, tanks containing gas or oil and any other hazardous or pollutant substance - in short, all welded structures such as pipes or calendered sheets.

Tecnomac's SPIDER range is divided into two main lines: VECTOR is a range of carriers which are manually operated, also with hand-wheel movement; SKYWALKER is a range of carriers with motorized movement. There are special applications such as Mouse (for internal control of small tubes, up to 55 mm in diameter) and Chain carriers for control of steel or plastic pipes. 

    SPIDER     Manual Motor powered Type of probe Size Test of:

Mouse 1


1 couple of TOFD probes/or 2 Phased Array probes

80x47x37 mm

Pipes with 55 mm inner diameter

Mouse 2


1 couple of TOFD probes/or 2 Phased Array probes

200 x 220 mm

Pipes from 8” to 25” (internal, external and longitudinal tests)

Vector 1 X   Up to 4 couples of TOFD probes 230 x 280 mm Tanks
Vector 2 X   1 couple of TOFD probes/or 1 Phased Array probe 230 x 280 mm Tanks
Chain Vector X   1 couple of TOFD probes/or 2 Phased Array probes From 2 to 16" Piping
Skywalker 1   X Up to 2 couples of TOFD probes/1 Phased Array probe 310 x 450 mm Small pipes, nozzles with a shelf above 160 mm, tanks (tank end)
Skywalker 2   X Up to 4 couples of TOFD probes 170 x 380mm Tanks
Skywalker 3   X 1 Phased Array probe 100 x 350 mm Nozzles with shelf from 110 to 160 mm