Tecnomac has developed and patented CAVATEC, a range of machines for the precision machining of medium and large blind cuts in wood panels, in particular of laminated wood for the construction of residential and industrial roofs. The machining time is drastically reduced thanks to the hydraulic thrust-force applied to the longitudinal and transversal movements. The accuracy of CAVATEC machining is vastly superior to that of conventional equipment (resulting in a great saving of resin filling).

The technology used by CAVATEC ensures great precision, with a planarity error contained in a tolerance of 2 mm on a 500 mm deep slot. The transversal translation (corresponding to the slot length) is operated and controlled by a hydraulic motor permits to machine slots in longitudinal movement, using a specially-designed chain guide.

Another important factor, the operator will work effortlessly and in complete safety, in full compliance with the current safety regulations.

CAVATEC is structured to withstand heavy workloads in the long run and requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to recoup the cost of machinery in a short time.