cavatec-500-800Machine suitable for medium and large carpentry, for the machining operations of laminated wood roofing with large dimensions (swimming pools, shopping malls, sports arenas, etc.).

CAVATEC 500/800 is designed to machine holes in wood beams supported on trestles. The machine consists of a sturdy metal frame, with a hole 32 cm high and 63 cm deep housing the beam. A lifting platform, operated by a hydraulic cylinder with a thrust of about 5kN, runs vertically inside the structure of the machine, with the force necessary to anchor the machine and the beam. A tool carriage, also hydraulically operated, slides longitudinally on recirculating ball guides (slot length) . The tool carriage houses a cross guide system, made of two slides:

One slide for the transverse movement (slot depth), with hydraulic thrust, moving on recirculating ball guides. One slide for vertical adjustment, manually set by the operator (handwheel), moving into contrast guides (slot position).


Durante la fase di rotazione della catena , automaticamente entra in funzione la lubrificazione della stessa . La mancanza di lubrificante non ne abilita l'utilizzo.

During the rotation phase of the chain, lubrication starts automatically. In case of lubricant lack, operation is not enabled.

The machine is equipped with a 3 kW motor, necessary for rotation of the chain. An electrical panel controlled by PLC ensures and monitors the movements of the machine.

The wooden beam can have different thicknesses (10 to 30 cm); keeping the height of the trestle as a fixed quota, we can change the upper line of the beam, so before starting operation the machine has to be adjusted in height according to the thickness of the beam allowing for positioning support. A pantograph lifting platform ensures the machine-beam anchorage. Once the necessary stiffness machine / beam is achieved, the CAVATEC machine can perform different movements:

  • Longitudinal (slot length) 800 mm Max
  • Transversal (slot depth) 500 mm Max
  • Vertical (slot position) from 50 mm to 120 mm from the upper edge of the beam

Technical data CAVATEC 500/800

  • Length: approx. 1600 mm
  • Width: approx. 1700 mm
  • Height: approx.1500 mm
  • Weight: approx. 690 kg
  • Chain rotation motor power: 3 kW
  • Tool speed: 5 m / sec.
  • Chain thickness: Min. 10 mm - 20 mm Max
  • Chain width: 115 mm (Point slot)
  • Beam clamping: from 10 cm to 30 cm
  • Slot depth: 500 mm (with mechanical adjustment of the depth)
  • Transversal stroke: 800 mm (verifiable by millimetric counter)
  • Slot positioning: from 50 mm to 120 mm from the top of the beam (verifiable by millimetric counter)

The tecnical charts are indicative. The constructure reserve the possibility to make variations.