cavatec-4-assiEquipment suitable for large carpentry, for the machining operations of laminated wood roofing with large dimensions (swimming pools, shopping malls, sports arenas, etc.) including special machinings (slots for "H-Shape" plates in compliance with Swiss regulations).

Cavatec 4 ASSI can machine slots up to 800mm deep, even with a chain mortiser only 10 mm thick, with a 30° inclination on both sides. It is the only machine existing on the market which can perform blind machining, even oblique, of this size. With Cavatec it is possible to insert junction knee-plates for portals without machining a passing slot, with consequent resin filling; the planarity error has a tolerance of 2 mm.

Technical data CAVATEC 800/1200

  • Length: approx. 1600 mm
  • Width: approx.1700 mm
  • Height: approx.1500 mm
  • Weight: approx.690 kg
  • Chain rotation motor power: 5 kW
  • Tool speed: 5 m / sec.
  • Chain thickness: Min. 10 mm - 20 mm Max
  • Chain width: 115 mm (Point slot)
  • Beam clamping: from 10 cm to 30 cm
  • Slot depth: 800 mm (with mechanical adjustment of the depth)
  • Transversal stroke: 1.200 mm (verifiable by millimetric counter)
  • Slot positioning: from 50 mm to 120 mm from the top of the beam (verifiable by millimetric counter)
  • Rotation angle: 30 ° Right, 30 ° Left

The tecnical charts are indicative. The constructure reserve the possibility to make variations.