minicavatec-1minicavatec-2Equipment suitable for small and medium-sized carpentry, for production of wood roofs for civil use.

Minicavatec can work beams with base (thickness) up to 28 cm and is a comfortable bench that can be transported on site to perform wood machining with excellent speed and accuracy. The processing time needed to reach the depth of 300 mm, with any type of tool, is about 1 min (including the time to return to start position).


  • The vertical movement of the tooling holder can be positioned from the upper edge to the center beam.
  • Traversal movement of the tooling holder 12cm, with position detector.
  • Capability to machine pockets with maximum width 20 cm and slots with a maximum width of 22 cm.

MINICAVATEC can mount three different types of guides for mortising chains designed to perform three different types of machining.

  • Machining pockets for the containment of joists.
    Pocket machining in one go, 80x18 mm max depth 300 mm.
  • Machining of holes for the passage of bolts.
    Sections 12x40-14x40-16x40 slot 17x40 mm - max. depth 300 mm.
  • Machining of holes for connector plates.
    Machining in one operation 110x10 mm max. depth 300 mm.