Motorized probe holder with variable geometry, magnetic adherence, remote control (standard speed 1760 mm / min). Mounts up to four pairs of TODF probes.

Skywalker 2 was designed with central articulation and self-aligning wheels to adapt to misaligned surfaces of welded components and is specific for the circumferential and horizontal welding control of pressure vessels. Can be supplied with a motorized steering system.

Skywalker 2 is supplied complete with four pairs of holders for compensated TOFD probes, an 8- output dispenser of liquid, one encoder, a compensated encoder holder and a check panel with 220-12 volt transformer, forward-back and left-right switches and potentiometer for speed reduction.

  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Dimensions: 310 x 450 mm flat
  • Speed: 1 m/min
  • Permanent magnetic field with holding capacity up to 50 kg